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Coconut Water, Alkaline Water, Orange, Lemon, E-3 Live Blue Majik

Our most widely requested juice… People get really grouchy when we sell out of this one! The famous "blue one" gets its brilliant color from the power ingredient and superfood, spirulina. It’s the perfect countermeasure to too much eatin’ and drinkin’! This delicious and beautiful tonic is great for hydration, energy and of course reducing inflammation in the body. Spirulina also provides clean, plant-based protein, vitamins, antioxidants and trace minerals. PRO-TIP: This juice is perfect if you are staying away from alcohol! Mix about 1/2 of a bottle with your favorite sparkling water and voila! A perfectly healthy mocktail!

Why Drink It: Many consider Spirulina to be one of the original superfoods. It's a complete source of plant-based protein and offers a complete amino acid profile as well as vitamins, antioxidants and trace minerals. 

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