What is Chasing Good Health™?

It's a way to feel better. To live better. It's a new path to change the trajectory of your health. It's growing younger while we grow older. It's the opposite of waiting on disease! Chasing Good Health™ is approaching your health from a place of confidence, optimism and joy!

Our Chasing Good Health™ Academy is your path to begin on a holistic and integrative way to manage your health. Together we will learn and practice 12 healthy rituals to stack together for a big impact.

This program will empower you to become your own best health expert. I'll be your guide to help you as we work to heal your response to stress, your nutrition, your immune system and your spirit. Together we'll grow younger from the inside out!

And, of course, we always kick off the session with cold-pressed, organic juice delivered right to your doorstep!

The Chasing Good Health™ Academy Is For You If...

• You know you are not feeling your best, but are not sure where to begin to make a change.

• You are interested in holistic and integrative health but don't know how to get started.

• You have a growing sense of dread about your age, and feel as if you are aging more rapidly than you would like.

• You have all the programs, diets, supplements and regimes, but still don't feel that you've found a way forward for you and your health.

• You often experience warning signals from your body that look like worry, overwhelm, anxiety, weight gain, trouble sleeping, low energy, and dread. Getting through your day feels like moving through quicksand.

I can tell you that it is possible to feel amazing again! We can help you right the ship! We will see you on the inside!

Chase Good Health with us

What You’ll Learn in Chasing Good Health™:

• How to begin on the path of managing your health and wellbeing in a holistic and integrative way

• How to create a powerful habit stack of healthy practices that turn into rituals

Twelve essential habits in integrative health–We will learn and practice one each week together

• That you are your own best expert, and how exciting that is for your future

• How Chasing Good Health™ is much more fun than waiting on disease

• The power of the habit stack to rewire our brain and create discipline for our long term health

• How to reclaim sovereignty and dominion over your physical, emotional and spiritual health

• How it’s possible to grow younger from the inside out by reducing your biological age

Woohoo! Let's Go!

What Happens When We Chase Good Health?

• We're growing younger from the inside out and we are aging with a youthful countenance that is magnetic.

• We're thriving in our daily lives as opposed to struggle to survive.

• We feel better, we look better and we're approaching our health with optimism, curiosity and joy.

• We experience powerful sovereingty and dominion over our health. We look forward to each new year and are growing younger!

• We experience our life, health, and wellbeing as a harmonious arrangement of our mind, body and spirit!

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Meet Our integrative medical director

We are blessed to have Dr. Amy Coleman MD as the offical Medical Director of our Chasing Good Health Coaching program! She's an amazing healer and shares our passion for integrative and holistic wellness. She's a friend to many, and I've never met anyone that did not love their time with her. She'll be inside our Chasing Good Health program sharing her knowledge and expertise in integrative medicine. Amy is my personal physcian, my friend and a remarkable human. I can wait for you get to know her!