We love working integrative health and wellness practitioners, functional medicine clinics, and healthy ambassadors!

We believe that organic juice is the gateway to the integrative health model as an easy first step on the path towards healing and developing healthy nutrition. There are so many ways we can work together!

Our Guided Juice Experience can be incorporated into your clinic or online digital programs.

Or, you many want to sell our juices inside your location as part of our Market Partnership Program.

Or, you may wan to influence others in your community to transform their health and wellness with juice.

Inside The Guided Juice Experience

You can apply to become one of our Wellness Ambassadors! Earn commissions while helping your clients incorporate juice into their health routine! Here's how it works!

  1. Your patients and clients will receive everything they need, delivered right to their doorstep
  2. We curate a box of 7 USDA certified organic juices & 3 wellness shots for their delivery.
  3. In their shipment, clients will also receive a 50-page, printed handbook to teach them everything they need to know about fasting.
  4. Clients and patients will also receive access to our online course to learn the benefits of juice & fasting–we even teach them how to make their own juice at home.  

Get Started Here!

We Want to Make It Easy & Simple!

For YOU to introduce your clients to extraordinary organic juice and how they can use juice to kick start their journey to integrative health. 

You know that organic juice can be a powerful ally in your client’s health transformation! However, finding juices made with the plant power of vegetables & zero or minimal fruit are hard to find. Most commercially made juices are filled with water and other additives and loaded with fruit. No thanks!  

And, most of your clients have no idea how or where to start when it comes to drinking juice.

We’re here to teach them everything they need to know to master a juice habit and how fasting with organic vegetable juice can power up their health.

At The Weekly Juicery, we don’t make ordinary juice. We make powerful, alive juice for fasting, healing, and transformation!

Since 2012, we’ve made over 1 million bottles of juice and we’ve helped thousands of clients change the trajectory of their health! 

Market Partnerships

Would you like to sell our juices inside your medical practice, business or retail store? Whoo hoo! Let's Do It!

We love it when other practices and businesses want to offer our juices to their patients and clients to make it easy and simple for them to incorporate organic, high quality juices into their health routines.

If you would like to offer our juices inside your business location let's do it!

USA only!

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