We love working with integrative health and wellness ambassadors!

We believe that organic juice is the gateway to the integrative health model as an easy first step on the path towards healing and developing healthy nutrition. Our programs can be used inside your wellness practices or inside your digital programs.

Guided Juice Experience

This is the starting program for your clients that are new to organic juice drinking and need to learn all the how-to's and pro-tips to incorporate juice into their health and wellness routines. 

In the Guided Juice Experience,  your clients will learn the options for using juice for a full-day fast and options for a modified fast or even just drinking one juice each day. We unpack the important roles that plants play in healing our nutrition and share the reasons why organic juice is a super power in an integrative wellness routine.

The Guided Juice Experience includes:

• Client access to a five-module online course that teaches the power of including organic juice in your wellness routine, the importance of digestive rest time, options for using juice for fasting, and our best selling 4-ingredient 4-minute smoothie to make at home.

• Juice shipment to your client's doorstep. [7] USDA Certified Organic Juices + [3] Organic Wellness Shots

• Access to our Juice Concierge for questions, help and support.

We offer an affiliate program for our Guided Juice Experience. 

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Chasing Good Health Program

This is our signature program to teach your clients and patients simple habits to get them on the path to managing their health in an integrative and holistic way. Together we’ll learn one new habit each week and stack them together for a big impact. We teach the basics of integrative health to allow you to focus on more comprehensive patient topics  and lab testing inside your practice.  

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We offer an affiliate program as well as a practice license for the Chasing Good Health program.

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