Question: When should I drink my juices?

Answer: We preach one cardinal rule of juice drinking: Drink cold-pressed juices on an empty stomach! This gives you the most bang for your juicing buck. When consuming high-quality, cold-pressed juices on an empty stomach, your body can easily absorb the powerful enzymes, nutrients and minerals for healing and restoration. Digestive rest is extended while your body is flooded with nature’s perfect fuel. Ideally mid-morning is an excellent choice because of the long period of digestive rest from the previous night’s meal. Waiting 2–3 hours after eating a meal is best. Watch your natural energy level soar!

Question: Do I have to keep my juices cold?

Answer: Yes! Our juices are alive! After your juices arrive, unbox and move to your fridge.

Question: Are your juices organic?

Answer: All of our juices are USDA Certified Organic! No exceptions.

Question: Do the juice selections ever change?

Answer: Yes! We are The Weekly Juicery after all! Our menu changes almost every week so you can try new juices.

Question: Can I make changes to my order after I submit it?

Answer: Absolutely! Feel free to call our Juice Concierge at (859)550-3218 or send an email to

Question: How many calories are in your juices?

Answer:  The approved nutritional panel is available for each juice in the description. Remember this general rule when choosing what to put into your body for fuel: Eat real food [abundance of plants] to avoid the trap of calorie counting!  

Question:  Is the shipping box and liner recyclable?  

Answer:  YES:  Both can be recycled.  Keep the ice brick in your freezer for another use!

Question:  What’s your best selling juice?

Answer:  Green Lemonade.   By a mile.  Not even close.

Question:  Someone told me I had to try “the blue one”.  Which juice is that?

Answer:  The Inflammation Tonic,  It’s famous.

Question:  How long will my juices last in the refrigerator?

Answer: Our juices have an expiration date on the bottle.  Enjoy your juices on, or before this date.   If you open a bottle, enjoy that juice within three days of open.


Question: What’s the Guided Juice Experience ?

Answer: Over time our modern lifestyles take a toll on our ability to live vibrantly as we age.  We might begin to experience some “warning lights” that can serve as important signals that something is amiss.  Maybe your skin has lost its radiant glow, or you're more tired than usual or maybe you have trouble sleeping.  All these small signals are important!  During The Guided Juice Experience we are going to give our body a week of vacation to reset, restore and rejuvenate! You can read more about it HERE.

We’ll ship an organic juice shipment right to your doorstep and we’ll learn all how to’s, what to’s, when to’s, and what not to do’s when drinking juice.  You can choose between doing a one day fast, or doing a modified fast or enjoy one juice a day.  We’ll also learn some healthy habits to take the healthy momentum forward.  You’ll be feeling your best, looking your best and ready to do amazing things!  Get ready for the Juice Glow!  

Question: Can I exercise while drinking juice?

Answer: Yes! Moving your body is always a good idea. However, we recommend focusing on restorative exercise, such as light yoga, or brisk walks. Remember: your body is on vacation!

Question: Does it matter in which order I drink the juices?

Answer: There is really no specific order to enjoy your juices. The order is up to you!


Question: What is The Juice Ritual?

Answer: The Juice Ritual is our signature membership program where we do a one day juice fast every month together!  You can learn more about it HERE.

Question: What if I’m out of town or need to suspend my order for another reason?

Answer: Feel free to call our Juice Concierge at (859)550-3218 or send an email to and we’d be glad to put your order on hold or reschedule when the order is shipped!

Question:  Is there coaching inside The Juice Ritual?

Answer:  Yes!  Each month we learn and practice a new Growth Challenge to uplevel our health and wellbeing.  We do a virtual Kick Off Party on the first Monday of each month to learn the new challenge and visit together as a community.