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The Guided Juice Experience includes all the support and coaching you need to 'right the ship' and all the juices you’ll need to 'stay the course' and build wellness momentum!

  • Five module online digital course to learn all the how-to's and pro-tips for a successful guided juice experience
  • Training session with Dr. Amy Coleman, MD on integrative health and how juice fits into your wellness routine
  • Organic Juice Shipment - Choose seven (7) organic juices to be delivered right to your doorstep
  • Organic Wellness Shots - Choose three (3) organic wellness shots to be delivered right to your doorstep
  • Informative 60-page workbook delivered with your order!
  • Access to our Juice Concierge for all of your questions - we've got answers!
  • A special discount on your next juice order to keep the momentum building!
  • BONUS Access to our Chasing Good Health Habit Challenge