Hi friends!

I’m writing to you today to let you know about some exciting, but big changes happening in our company.  Change is always tricky, however I feel confident that we are moving forward in the right direction to impact the health and well-being for as many people as possible in this country.  This is my spiritual mission and vision: To teach as many people as possible to fall in love with Chasing Good Health. To help them look their best, feel their best so they can do their best work in the world. It’s a big movement and it’s happening!   

Sometimes to go forward we have to make hard decisions.  This is true for me as I share with you that as of Sunday, May 26th we will be closing our doors at our Hyde Park retail location.  It’s taken a lot of time and thoughtful consideration to make this decision, and while not easy, I know it’s the right direction for our company.  

First, I have absolutely LOVED our experience in Cincinnati and am so happy to have introduced 100% USDA certified organic juice to the community.  The customers (very loyal) have been amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for your passionate support of my work. It’s amazing to see so many of you now commanding the highest quality of juice with no compromises to quality and safety!  I’ve loved teaching you about the power of great juice in fasting, and about how the USDA Organic seal is a must-have if you are drinking juice. While I’m sad to close this chapter, I am also very excited about our new direction.

Most of you know that I founded The Weekly Juicery with a core value of education. Everyone on my team must be a student and a teacher.  Always. I try to extend this core value to our customers as well. I want to help people look their best, feel their best so they can do their best work in the world.  To do that, they must fall in love with vegetable juice, fasting and the idea of changing good health. Last year I launched a new program called The Juice Ritual to expand my teaching to an online platform and organize a nationwide community juice fast each month.  The great news? People love it!!! Last year, we saw an explosion of growth and hundreds of people joining in The Juice Ritual. We’re teaching more people than ever to fall in love with Chasing Good Health!

While I’m sad to my closing the doors to our retail store in Cincinnati, I know the future direction to achieve my mission requires laser focus and dedication to expanding The Juice Ritual and our juice shipments around the country.  If you are worried about missing The Weekly Juicery in Cincinnati – fear not! We got you!

We can ship USDA certified organic juice right to your doorstep.  Every single week if you want. It will arrive via cold-chain delivery ready to stock your fridge!  Pick your favs and away you go. Want to share the best juice ever with a friend in need? No problem!  We offer nationwide shipping to a friend that needs a healthy treat or a friend that might need some help getting health


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You can try The Juice Ritual.  This is our one-day, guided Juice Fast to help you get on track, or get back on track to craving plants!  You’ll enjoy 24 pounds of organic plants and log over 24 hours of digestive rest! Plus, you’ll have a trusted guide (me) to teach you all the pro-tips and tricks. It doesn’t really matter what exercise or nutrition program you follow.  It better include lots of vegetables and fruits if you want to grow younger!


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You can join us inside The Juice Ritual Mastermind!  Each and every month we will Chase Good Health together with our nationwide, one-day fast.  You’ll stay on track, flood your body with plants, and learn all the pro-tips to grow younger.  Our Juice Ritual mastermind includes free access to our new 52 Weeks of Chasing Good Health program where we will learn a new strategy to elevate our health and well-being each week and practice and track our progress together!  If you are committed to making a change to your health, The Juice Ritual Mastermind will make it happen!


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Last up, in the next month, I’ll be sharing a new concept called The Weekly Juicery Market Partnerships!  We have interviewed and selected a limited number of Market Partners in Cincinnati. You’ll be able to purchase your favorite juices from The Weekly Juicery inside their shops!  Stay tuned for more information!

Finally, I am so happy to announce that the healthy vibe will remain strong in Hyde Park!  My friends at Green Farm Juicery will be taking over our space (opening late Summer)!  They have one retail location open North of Cincinnati but wanted to expand to the Hyde Park area.    I absolutely love these gals and the amazing work they’re doing, and I know you will too. Follow them on social at @greenfarmjuicery to stay in the loop on their opening!

I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends and customers I’ve made in Cincinnati over the years and I hope you decide to join me in my new direction.

Forever chasing good health with you-