Some people can be intimidated by the dark green side of our coolers; however, we view these green goddesses as the heart of our company. We make real green juices that give our customers real benefits. They taste like vegetables because they are full of them. We do not water down our juices or hide a small amount of greens in a mostly citrus juice. Why not? Because of the insane health benefits of truly green juice.

  1. Green juice skyrockets your natural energy levels without the nasty side effects of caffeine
  2. It contains tons of natural, unprocessed plant protein
  3. Increases red blood cell count
  4. Floods the body with chlorophyll, antioxidants, and amino acids
  5. Builds gut flora, helping your body’s immune system

Not sure about the dark greens yet? We do admit the taste is something to get used to, it takes the body 21 days to develop a palate for something, which is why we have a few juices that we call transitional greens. Juices like our Cucumber Crush and Bluegrass Sunrise are good lead ups to our bigger greens. These juices blend greens and citrus juices together to make them more palatable to those who are not used to drinking heavy green juices. Our major greens include Green Lemonade, Green Acres andth Cool Kale Energy. Give a green a go!

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