Why Weekly Juice?

Repeating healthy choices, to create healthy habits in our life today increases our changes of our health span equaling our lifespan.  The Weekly Juice Program was built with this simple truth in mind.  Drinking one juice each week when it fits your schedule is a great choice.  Repeating that healthy habit every day or every week, makes it a ritual.

I created Kimmye’s Picks within The Weekly Juice Program to help people understand the “why’s” behind juicing and committing to a healthy lifestyle.  Every week I hand-select each juice and send you a quick note about its benefits as well as helpful detox tips and tricks to carry with you throughout your health journey.  Our Weekly Juicers in this program are the first to try all our new juices, potions, tonics, and tinctures.

I can promise, you won’t ever regret committing yourself fully to your health. You’re worth it.

Organic cold-pressed juice at a lower cost? Yes!

Weekly juice customers wake up to cold-pressed juice, delivered to their doorstep each week! They also receive lower prices for juices and foods than offered in our retail stores. Incorporate drinking juice into your daily routine without the hassle, time or mess. Read our FAQ for more information.

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Membership Benefits

  • Organic, cold-pressed juice delivered to your doorstep.


  • Doorstep delivery before 7 am. Office delivery before 9 am
  • Locked in, lower prices for organic juices + raw foods every week. 


  • Special Juice Cleanse prices
  • Exclusive monthly promotions… like free smoothies!


  • Complimentary 1:1 session with our in house cleanse coach

Three Easy Steps

Choose from two options: Kimmye’s Picks, or pick your own juices.

Choose Delivery or Pick Up from our Juice Bar locations.

Sit back and enjoy lower locked-in prices for organic juice and your new healthy ritual!

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