Our lives are the result of all the doors we have walked through, and our continued growth depends on our willingness to keep moving into new spaces. – Madison Taylor 


Each summer I do an extended juice fast in July.  At this point, it’s a ritual for me. By extended, I mean somewhere between 10 and 15 days depending on how I feel.  The reasons I do this are many, however generally speaking it’s my time to clean house. Not my actual house…(although that could probably use a deep cleaning also), but rather my mind, body and spirit.  All these things need a good clearing once a year.

I started doing this long-ish fasting work under the guidance of a wonderful teacher, Natalia Rose.  Since 2012 she’s been my go-to authority on all things juice, detox and higher living. In fact, she was instrumental in teaching us about making really great juice.  In 2014, I did my first 10-day fast with her daily guidance. While it was challenging, it was nearly as bad as I expected and was one of the best proverbial doors I’ve ever walked through.   


So, let’s get a few Q’s out of the way right now that I’m sure are on your mind:

Was it hard?  Hell yes.

Did I want to quit?  Certainly.

Was I hungry?  I’m not even going to answer this one.

Did I make it?  Of course.

Did I lose weight?  Yes. Seven to nine pounds.

Do I do this for weight loss?  No. I could care less about that.

Did I exercise?  Yes. Every day.

Did I feel great the entire 10 days?  Uhhhhhhhhh no. Neither will you.

What was the hardest part?  Days 1 – 4 are the hardest. After that, much easier.

Did it change my life?  Indeed. I’ve been doing it every year ever since.

Describe the experience in one word:  AMAZING.


Since 2012, fasting has become all the rage for those of us in the wellness space however in 2012 people thought I was nutso.  Maybe that’s true, however, I can tell you that an extended fast is an amazing journey. One not to be missed. While the most obvious benefits are physical for the body, there is some deep emotional and spiritual power in this work.  More on that below. Here are the main reasons I do a long fast each summer.

  1.  Restore my cells, tissues and bodily fluid to a strong, non-pathogenic state
  2.  Strengthen my immune system
  3.  A release of inflammation, any excess weight and gas pressure (it’s there, even if you don’t think so)
  4.   Fine tune my physique to reveal clear, bright, glowing skin.
  5.  Reset my vibration to a higher frequency.  (more on this later)


Notice there is nothing listed about weight loss.  Yes. You will likely drop a few pounds but that is the least of all the reasons to do this.   Overall, my body feels and looks amazing after a long fast. My skin glows and I feel light, bright and my mind is crystal clear.  As for the #5 reason above, this hints at the emotional and spiritual benefits I see in this work. I’m not going to do a good job explaining this, so I’m not even going to try.  It’s just one of those things you need to experience for yourself. Natalia always talks about raising your personal vibration. When you are doing a long fast with powerful green juice you will feel “tuned in” to something much greater than yourself. It’s elusive… but magical. Well worth the challenge.

For the first time this year, I decided to open up our mid-summer fast to other customers that want to join in.  So far, I can’t believe the response! You can do the full 9 days or you can select a 3 or 6-day option if you are not ready to go the distance.  

Details below.  Open to all our customers in the U.S. This is a guided fast so we’ll be adding everyone to a closed Facebook Group for daily videos and dialogue.  Join in. You won’t regret it!


Here’s how it works!

When: Starts Thursday, July, 12th through Friday, July 20th

Local Options:

Join us for a three-day, six-day or nine-day fast!   If you buy a 3-day or more you’ll save between 10-20%.  The longer you go the more you save!

National Shipping Options:

  • Click HERE to purchase a Three-Day!
  • Want to juice at home and join us?  We’ve got a package just for you! Click HERE to join the private group and get our Juice Book and Smoothie Book e-Books to fast with us at home!
  • Want to do a six or nine-day juice fast?  Email Morgan at and we’ll hook you up!

Juices Included: Four all green juices, Lively Lemon and Yellow Polka Dot each day

Bonuses Included:

  • One on One Detox Consult with our Cleanse Coach or Founder Kimmye Bohannon if you purchase a 6-day or more!  She’ll give you her best detoxing secrets!
  • FREE copy of our Juice Book E-book, that teaches you how to make great juice at home PLUS some of our best selling recipes!
  • FREE copy of our guide to Extended Fasting!  We’ll give you our best tips and tricks.
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group where we’ll be doing this all together as a group, daily check-ins with Kimmye and Dr. Amy Coleman, and lots of support to crush your juice fast!