My husband (Dennis) always tells me that I like to hear myself talk. “Give this girl a microphone!”,  he says when I’m on a roll about a few topics like..

organic cold-pressed juice…detox tonics…why inflammation will make you fluffy…intermittent fasting…wheatgrass…food combining…chaga…why hemp seed in your smoothie is better protein…E3Live Brain On….apple cider vinegar…lemongrass oil…actually most essential oils…tongue scraping…ashwagandha…body brushing…homemade laundry detergent…roasted beets…why a tablespoon oil flaxseed oil will make you smarter kids…life force energy…don’t eat white potatoes…sprouted bread or none…shea butter…Sun Potions anything…behold the brussels sprout…no deodorant…witch hazel skin elixir…turmeric…more about turmeric…psyllium husks…far-infrared saunas…yoga…pine pollen…no dryer sheets…disdain for conventionally grown food…colloidal silver….magnesium spray…diatomaceous earth to grow your hair…drink room temperature water…eat GMO’s to die…did I mention organic vegetable juice?

I think Dennis is right (did I just say that?)  I do love to hear myself talk about all things  to elevate our health and wellbeing.  This fact, along with a steady stream of customer requests to learn the “why” behind drinking our juices, smoothies, and elixirs, put our team in motion.

This week we rolled out Kimmye’s Picks, a new education-based option inside our Weekly Juice Program.  If you’re new to our Weekly Juice Program, it’s designed to make it easy and convenient to incorporate organic, cold-pressed juice into your daily routine.  This is a detox must-do to elevate your health!

We now have two options inside our Weekly Juice Program:

NEW!  Kimmye’s Picks     

Drink the juices I’m drinking each week.  I’ll do the thinking, you do the drinking.  We’ll be enjoying vegetable centric juices, little to no fruit.  Compete with weekly blog to teach you the “whys” behind drinking each juice + other healthy tips and tricks.  Same delivery and pick-up options available.   

Pick Your Own Juice   

Just like the name…you’ll be picking your own juices each week.  Change as often as you like or drink your favs.  Delivered to your doorstep before 7 am or pick-up your weekly order in one of our juice bar locations

  • Ready to jump on the healthy living bandwagon?  
  • Need to get serious about creating long-term healthy habits?  
  • Tired of feeling tired?
  • Hitting middle age and want to turn back the clock?
  • Want to get that healthy glow?

Then our new Kimmye’s Picks option is for you.  I can promise you won’t ever regret committing yourself fully to your health.  You’re worth it.

Sign up HERE to apply nature’s remedy.  Oh, and lest I forget, we’re offering $15 OFF your first Weekly Juice Program order with promocode: KIMMYESPICKS15

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