Do you fly through the morning, but hit the wall in the afternoon?

Listen, I have always been a big-time morning person, so getting going in the morning is not my biggest struggle. I am more apt to crash in the afternoon. Thankfully, I have developed a routine that keeps me going without a dip. This is actually the time when I really, make sure to practice some sort of self-care.  Read on for the deets…



Before I consume any solid food, I enjoy a Green Lemonade.  Hail to my favorite! This one is POWER packed with a bunch of kale, a head of romaine, three cucumbers, a whole lemon and ginger. It is yummy and all those dynamite vitamins and minerals absorb and keep my appetite steady.

Once I turn to solid food, I fuel my body to soar through the afternoon with a heaping helping of plants. I’ll have a green smoothie, salad or soup with healthy fat. When breaking your fast sometimes it’s easier and a bit less stressful on your system if it’s in liquid form.  If I’m feeling particularly stressed I’ll add SunPotion, ashwagandha, rhodiola or pine pollen to my smoothie.



One thing I  always try to do is get myself moving with a walk or some yoga on the rooftop of The Weekly Juicery. In addition to some flow and movement, I try to add an inverted pose to reactivate my lymphatic system and get my circulatory system moving.  As long as the weather permits, I get outside to soak up some Vitamin D as well.



Before I head back to work, I spend a few minutes in mindful meditation.  I remind myself of the fact I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing at exactly the right time! If the kids aren’t in school,  I take a moment to intentionally check in with family with a brief chat. If they are in school, I take a moment to think through the planned activities for the afternoon and evening. I review my TO DO list and get back to work!



While I am working in the afternoon, I will sip on Aether destress tea and Shaman Shack Herbs 3 Immortals throughout the remainder of the day AND I make sure to sip filtered water! I fill a very large container each morning and make certain to drink it all every day! Water not only hydrates, it flushes toxins and keeps our organs running efficiently!!


Kimmye’s Pro-Tips



Houston we have a problem! The engines are not at full GO!

A few months ago, I found myself needing to set an alarm to wake up and I knew something was amiss. This girl is usually bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning and I love having some time to myself prior to officially beginning the day. So, I reached out to acupuncturist, personal trainer and hormone health expert and friend, Ali Damron. She mentioned I might be dealing with a hormone imbalance due to high cortisol and suggested seed cycling. I hopped on this and after following her direction, I am back to waking up easily and happily.


Seed cycling is one of the best ways to balance female hormones and it is as simple as it sounds. It doesn’t involve taking supplements or using creams. IT IS JUST EATING SEEDS! The key is to ingest certain seeds during the different phases of your cycle.  It involves grinding and adding a mixture of pumpkin and flax seeds to my smoothie or salad for the first 14 days of my cycle and ground sesame seeds and sunflower seeds during the last half of my cycle. This process may take 3 or more cycles to produce results, but it’s working!- Thankfully Ali has agreed to share her knowledge with you as she serves as our August expert. Her knowledge has helped me so much and I know you will benefit as well!



In recent months, I have talked about the BADASS benefits of CBD oil. I make sure to take CBD oil in the afternoon to keep my cortisol in balance.  Want to know more about CBD? I wrote a whole post about it HERE.


CBD oil is getting a lot of press and is becoming more widely available, but I strongly urge you to check out Dr. Stephen Cabral’s. It has been through rigorous testing, including third-party trials and he has refined the product to make it most effective. Be sure to know exactly how the oil you purchase was formulated and the recommended dose. While the effects can be VERY positive, not all CBD oil is the same and it is only effective if it’s super high-quality, taken in the right dose with recommended frequency.