Happy Spring!  For us, this time of the year is the PERFECT time to give your body total rest and rejuvenation. And if you haven’t quite stuck to those resolutions this is a great way to reset your system.

If you are new to extending fasting work… YAY!!!! It’s one of the most anti-aging things you can do. I’ll be personally guiding this fast, along with Dr. Amy Coleman who is an expert and implementing long fasts.  Each day we’ll talk through our best tips and tricks for keeping you on track.

Fasting with organic vegetable juices can revamp your health from the inside out. We’ll be flooding our bodies with about 24 lbs of vegetables each day to give your body the nutrient-dense reset it needs!

Why in the world would you consider a long juice fast?
  • To feel and look amazing! (at the end that is…hey I’m honest)
  • Strengthen your trusty immune system. (travel, kids… germs galore)
  • Reset your taste buds to crave plenty of plants. (hello Spring break fun)
  • Release inflammation, any excess weight and gas pressure (it’s there, even if you don’t think so)
  • Restore my cells, tissues and bodily fluid to a strong, non-pathogenic state
  • The release of inflammation, any excess weight and gas pressure (it’s there, even if you don’t think so)
  • Fine tune my physique to reveal clear, bright, glowing skin. (just wait)
  • Reset my vibration to a higher frequency.  (more on this later)

Like my teacher, Natalia Rose says, “Juice fasting is the most anti-aging thing you can do.”

So, if you need a pre-Summer tune-up to reconnect with your highest self and crush your health goals for 2019… join in!

I’ll be personally guiding everyone doing the 1 or 3-day options with my friend Dr. Amy Coleman.  She is a fasting rockstar… did a 17-day fast on our juice last year! She is a wealth of knowledge and together we’ll do this thing!  When you sign up we’ll add you to our closed Facebook group where we will host a live call every day. I’ll share all the tricks friends.

Details below.  Open to all our customers in the U.S. This is a guided fast so we’ll be adding everyone to a closed Facebook Group for daily videos and dialogue.  Join in. You won’t regret it!

Here’s how it works!

When: Starts Thursday, April, 25th through Saturday, April 27th

Local Options:

National Shipping Options:

Because we love you, we’re doing $30 OFF a 3-day now through tomorrow, Thursday, April 18th.  Use code HELLOSPRING!

*note that if you are doing this with us shipping it will ship out on Monday, April 22nd and you will start on Thursday, April 25th

Want to juice at home and join us?  We’ve got a package just for you! Click HERE to join the private group and get our Juice Book and Smoothie Book e-Books to fast with us at home!

Bonuses Included:

  • FREE copy of our Juice Book E-book, that teaches you how to make great juice at home PLUS some of our best selling recipes!
  • FREE copy of our guide to Extended Fasting!  We’ll give you our best tips and tricks.
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group where we’ll be doing this all together as a group, daily check-ins with Kimmye and lots of support to crush your juice fast!