Good news or bad news?  Which do you want first?  

Generally speaking, I’m an optimist so I would opt for good news first, however this narrative works best with bad news first so here you go.

Bad News.  You eat too much food every day.  Like way too much.  I’m not talking about the occasional binge, I’m talking about on a daily basis.  You probably eat too much everyday.  It’s really not your fault.  Most of us operate on the outdated and frankly defunct teaching that we need three square meals, with the most important of those meals being breakfast.    This is just an untruth, and in my humble opinion one of the root causes of disease and illness.  It’s a real peril to our health span.  

If you’re unfamiliar with the term health span, it’s essentially how many years of our life we spend in good health with no pain or disease.   We really want our health span to equal our life span.  I mean, who wants to spend endless days in pain and illness?  No one.  So, we’re all about maximizing the health span.    

When we eat too much food, we overwork our body.  Digestion is a hard job.  Especially given that we often put heavily processed foods into our system and don’t practice good food combining skills (more on this next week!)  I’m not the first to tell you that most disease and illness find their origination in the colon.  Why? Poor digestion.  Our digestive organs wear out after years and years of daily abuse.  Bad news over.

Good news!  It’s so easy to fix!  I know you’re thinking I’m going to ask you to starve, or exist on morsels of food each day.  Not true.  This is the good news section.  We can achieve our goal of eating less simply by shortening the amount of time we eat during a given day!   Getting our bodies on a schedule that allows for longer periods of digestive rest each day is the key!  How easy is that!  The official title of this eating strategy is called Intermittent Fasting.  It’s getting a lot of hype these days in the detox world because it’s easy and it works.   

Try and not think of it as “fasting” per se, think more about it as “scheduling”.

We’re going to learn to “schedule” our bodies eating and not-eating periods each day.  After a week, you’ll be hooked with less bloat, more energy and better sleep.  Yes, you read that correctly.  You’ll sleep better.  My personal eating window begins around 2:00 pm each day and ends around 7:00 pm.  The rest of the time I’m allowing my digestive system a vacation.   Because I know you’re going to ask, I’m going to include what a typical day looks like below.  That being said, you’ll find what works best for your body.


Kimmye’s General Daily Schedule for Intermittent Fasting

8:00 am

32 ounces of room temperature spring water

Shot of apple cider vinegar (more on this little gem later)

Shot of flax seed oil (more on this terrible tasting gem later)

9:00 am

Coffee.  Wish I didn’t but I do.

9:00 am

32 ounces of room temperature water

11:00 am

Green Lemonade

12:00 pm

Green Lemonade  or Debo’s Remedy

2:00 pm

Snack.  Today was ½ raw, organic brazil nuts + mixed raw veggies.

3:00 pm

32 ounces of room temperature water

7:00 pm

Dinner.  Varies, but generally mostly vegetables.


Here’s a great secret and pro tip to be successful at the practice of Intermittent Fasting…cold-pressed juice.  Nearly all the insoluble fiber is removed during juice extraction.  Now before I get pinned as a bonafide fiber hater, let’s get the record straight.  I love fiber, just not in juice.  The reason we leave it out is exactly so you can extend digestive rest, the natural time when your liver and kidneys get to work on detoxing your body.  Fiber is great too, I get loads of it daily from whole fruits and vegetables.

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