Y’all I can’t tell you enough how important it is to get your day off on the right foot. For me, this starts before my feet hit the floor. Many of you know, I run at high speed all day managing three kids and running a crazy, AWESOME business, so the moments I spend at the very beginning of the day center me and help me focus throughout the day.


For the Mind and Spirit…

Expression of Gratitude and Mantra

It is so powerful to take a few minutes to acknowledge my health, my family and whatever of the good fortune I have to come to my mind. I also repeat a mantra statement with a prompt like What are three things I’ll do today to make sure I am chasing good health. Listen, when you really visualize it and say it out loud you are much more likely to DO it.


Studies from a variety of sources including Harvard, The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and even, Forbes Magazine confirm the fact meditation reduces symptoms of stress including anxiety, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and more.  Being still and concentrating on clearing my mind, Just listening to my breath and gently pushing away the bombardment of to-do’s for the day for a few minutes


For the body…

Tongue Scraping

I know this may sound super gross to some but it is easy and removing the junk that lingers on your tongue helps your gut and the microbiome powering your body. Chasing good health means fostering the good stuff while removing the bad stuff. Tongue scraping has been a well-embraced practice in Ayurvedic medicine for ages! At the very least, tongue scraping makes your breath smell better, but do it because it removes bad bacteria and improves your overall health!

Alkaline State– The hormones from stress in the body can result in acid reactions in the body. When the body is out of Ph balance, all hell can break loose. When your body is too acidic the absorption of vitamins and minerals is reduced and the body struggles to repair and renew. Sorry to say, that cup of JOE throws the body into an acidic state. The very thing you do to wake you up may actually speed up the aging process and result in low energy.  A lively Lemon greets me on most mornings. This sets my body in a state to resist cravings for sugar, caffeine and alcohol and allows it to receive the nutrients and vitamins veggie-centric juices give.

Dry Brushing

Yep, it is as simple as it sounds.  Before I jump in the shower, I take a few minutes to use a dry brush to wake my body. Dry brushing increases circulation and stimulates cell repair and it FEELS GOOD! Brush toward the heart because it stimulates the lymphatic system which helps the body detoxify itself naturally and provides a natural energy boost!!


A few sun salutations and a few core exercises wake my body. This doesn’t have to be a full work out, just get going! Our partner and nationally renown health guru, Dr. Stephen Cabral encourages us to combat the hazards of sitting for prolonged periods, but many of us have jobs that put us in a seat for a chunk of our day. A series of stretching and movement first thing in the morning helps us shake off the stiffness of being in one position all night and ignites the metabolism and gets the blood flowing through the body. This oxygenates the entire body and prepares us for a busy day!

Oil Pulling

This practice decreases inflammation in the body so, pass up the mouthwash and swish with coconut oil or sesame oil. I take a teaspoon or two of coconut oil (expeller pressed and organic), place it in my mouth and swish for about 5 minutes. I do this while getting dressed, making the bed or whatever. Spit it in a compost or trash can and voila, the day begins.


Listen, we want our lives to be a marathon rather than a sprint. The way you begin your day can help you not only conquer the day, but reverse your trips around the sun and age backward!!!