Want to know what a six-day extended juice fast is really like?  


Our gal Tamekka gave us an honest review!  Read below:


I began a six-day fast mid-July, days after a birthday splurge of pound cake, strawberry cake, bacon- wrapped dates and bubbly spirits!  I needed a reset.  I followed the Weekly Juicery page, saw the opportunity for the fast and joined.  In hindsight, the six-day was pretty advantageous, if I had to do it all over again, I would have opted for the three-day on my first go round.  Nonetheless, I was all in!


What I really appreciated about the fast, was the admins from the WJ were very attentive, extremely responsive to any questions that I had and were encouraging.  They helped me believe that I could do it!


Here is my fast at a glance:


Day 1: Excited!  Followed the suggested spacing and timing of the drinks and drank them all.  This was very helpful.

Day 2: Still excited, still not quite used to the Lively Lemon kick.  Encouraged by the live videos posted on the Facebook page. Plugged along, hungry but not irritable.

Day 3:  Hungry, irritable.  Identified my favorite juices (Felon Melon and Green Lemonade).  Had some bone broth for dinner.

Day 4:  Before the end of the day, at least three different people stopped me to compliment my skin.  I definitely could see a difference. My skin looked and felt more moisturized and “glowy”. I also felt healthier and lighter.  Irritability level was down. Still hungry though.

Day 5:  By this day, I felt I was “over the hump”, food wasn’t on the forefront anymore.  The way I felt and the discipline that I was exhibiting was my focus.

Day 6:  I had an overwhelming feeling of personal accomplishment.  I had a clearer mind, my skin was noticeably more flawless and healthy and overall I felt great.  I had more energy throughout the day, and I lost weight (between four-five lbs).


In addition to the juice fast, I worked out four of the six days, either a short three-mile run, or with my personal trainer focusing on weights and strength.  I made it through each workout, not once feeling lightheaded, week or any discomfort.


I was also going to bed earlier. I knew the longer I stayed up, the hungrier I would be.  This had been one of my promises to myself for a long time. It took the juice fast to kick-start that.  One of the benefits of going to bed earlier, of course, was increased energy in the morning, and certainly more productivity.


Instead of flying out of the house with minutes to spare in the morning, I was able to make more time for the mindfulness exercises that the admins suggested as a part of the cleanse.  Meditation, reading, catching the news, etc. all things that helped to put me in the best space possible before beginning my day.


I definitely recommend the juice fast.  Since then, I have continued and committed to the one-day monthly fast.  This is where it’s at!

Y’all!  She went from never doing a juice fast in her life to ROCKING a six-day!

And here’s the best part, you can do it too!  If you want to join us click the link below to reset with us for Fall!

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