What if you could change someone’s health trajectory with one simple gift?

I am so excited the holidays are here!  For those of you that know me, you know that I love the hustle and bustle of the season, spending time with my family, entertaining friends and I cannot say enough how much I seriously cherish these moments.  And of course, I’m already thinking about my holiday gifts…

What’s funny is, I can tell you that as I get older I am much more interested in giving and receiving an experience over a thing.  Why? Things get lost, they look shiny and new at first and then, we forget about them and rarely do they actually make an actual impact in someone’s life.

So this year (and maybe to my kid’s despair) I’m working on giving them an experience.  Something that they will remember, cherish and have an impact in their life. And this had me thinking… making healthy impacts on people’s lives is the real work that we do each and every day at The Weekly Juicery.

Just last night we had a team meeting and our team members were sharing so much amazing feedback and stories from you all about how you were able to lose weight, address a health concern or start a new health chapter in your life all by starting with a juice.  And that my friends, is HUGE!

If you would like to give your friend, co-worker or loved one a gift that will give them a positive experience on their health journey we’ve got some really great options below.  These are perfect for the family member who just wants a little reset to get their health back on track, the friend who is already chasing good health each day, or as gifts for your team at work or even your best clients!

We have several options below and if you need something custom – we can make it work! Also, every juice fast you buy this holiday season, you’ll be entered to win a VITAMIX for you! You’ll be making green smoothies like a pro in no time.


Click HERE to gift a one-month trial of The Juice Ritual!

Click HERE to gift a three-month trial of The Juice Ritual!

Click HERE to gift a full year of The Juice Ritual!

I can’t wait to help the people you love chase good health!