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I’ve never had your juice before. How will I know if I like it?

Come into one of juice bars and give it a try! Our Juice Guides are ready behind our bar to lead you through a Juice Tasting of all our cold-pressed juices. Think wine tasting… Only this time you will remember it! If you haven’t considered drinking a vegetable, you’ll have to trust us. We’ll find a juice you will love.

When should I drink my juices?

We preach one cardinal rule of juice drinking: Drink cold-pressed juices on an empty stomach! This gives you the most bang for your juicing buck. When consuming high-quality, cold-pressed juices on an empty stomach, your body can absorb the powerful enzymes, nutrients and minerals for healing and restoration. Digestive rest is extended while your body is flooded with nature’s perfect fuel. Ideally mid-morning is an excellent choice because of the long period of digestive rest from the previous night’s meal. Waiting 2–3 hours after eating a meal is best. Watch your natural energy level soar!

Do you use locally grown produce?

Yes. We have contracts with local, organic famers for romaine, kale, beets, carrots, cucumbers and watermelon. Drinking vegetables from our local soil is important.  Click HERE to learn more about our local farmers.

Do I have to keep my juices cold?

Yes! Our juices are alive! They are designed to decompose quickly outside refrigeration. Enjoy your juices immediately upon purchase or move them into refrigeration quickly. Our Juice Guides will pack your juices in a cooler bag with ice if you are not going to be near refrigeration immediately.

Shouldn’t I watch the number of calories I consume each day?

Remember this general rule when choosing what to put into your body for fuel: There is no direct correlation between the number of calories in any given food and its nutritional value. Eating and drinking foods that our bodies recognize as food renders the old practice of calorie-counting obsolete. For example, your body knows exactly what do to with a huge salad of fresh vegetables of 250 calories and can easily digest it. By contrast, the weird powders and ingredients in the 100-calorie “power bar” prove tricky for our body to use and digest effectively. If it’s not digested efficiently, your body hangs on to it. Cellulite, extra weight around the mid-section, low moods, low energy and trouble sleeping are all results. Eat real food to avoid these perils of modern aging.

Can you get enough protein from vegetables?

Yes. Think green… green juices, smoothies and vegetables all provide an abundance of plant-based protein that is very easily assimilated by the body. Proteins from animal sources are complex in nature, and difficult for the body to digest and use as effective fuel. For more information on this topic, Dr. T. Colin Campbell scientifically explains this difference in his book The China Study. You can pick up a copy in any of our Juice Bar locations.

What do you do with all the leftover pulp from the juicing process?

We donate most of our pulp to Seedleaf, an organization that has 16 community gardens that provides healthy vegetables for all people. We also experiment with using pulp in raw food recipes, like our Carrot Cupcakes.

Are your smoothies dairy free?

Yes! Our juice bars are gluten and dairy free. Cows’ milk and derivative products of cows’ milk are not designed for human consumption. Cows’ dairy increases inflammation in the body, is difficult to digest and becomes “sticky” in our system. Our smoothies are made with coconut or almond milks.

What is a superfood smoothie?

We refer to our smoothies as superfood smoothies because each smoothie on our menu supports a clean, detox lifestyle that we recommend to all our customers. We use real fruit, not sugar-laden concentrates, along with other ingredients designed to elevate the mind and body. Goji berries, maca, bee pollen, chia seeds, raw cacao and hemp are just a few of the superfood ingredients we offer. Our smoothies are sugar free and contain no synthetics or additives.

Why should I incorporate raw foods into my diet?

Raw foods are water-containing, full of nutrients, fiber and alive enzymes necessary for good health and longevity. Cooking destroys the powerful plant enzymes and reduces the bio-availability to our bodies. Raw foods don’t overwork our digestive system. This frees us of the tired, sluggish feeling we receive from eating dead, processed foods. Raw foods raise your energy level and act as a natural mood elevator. Our Life Force Foods are alive, pure energy to raise your vibration with the universe. Remember, good foods = good moods!

Why should I include cold-pressed juice in my daily routine?

Most people fall way short of including enough fruits and vegetables in their regular diet. The abundance of produce in each juice is an easy, convenient way to flood your body with fresh vegetables and fruits it needs for optimal health. Our juices are alive, raw and untreated in any way. This allows your body to receive the powerful, live enzymes and nutrients from the fresh juice. Live enzymes and nutrients act as “helpers” for our bodies to detox the accumulated toxins that result in imbalances and ill health.

Are your juices organic?

All of our juices are USDA Certified Organic.  During the local growing season we work with local farmers and require all our farming partners be USDA Certified Organic.  

Why do your juices only last for 72 hours?

Our juices are raw and alive. We don’t cook our juices (pasteurization) or treat our juices with high-pressure processing (HPP) to extend the shelf life. The alive enzymes in fresh juice are super important for your detoxification and good health. Both pasteurization and HPP destroy the powerful, alive enzymes, which renders the juice dead. Remember, anything designed to be preserved outside the body will also be preserved inside. Drinking, raw, fresh, alive cold-pressed juice is crucial.

How many calories are in your juices?

Click on the “Show Nutritional Label” button on each juice page to learn more.

Why does my juice taste slightly different from week to week?

Our juice does not come from a juice factory. Our juices are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality of cold-pressed juice available. We source produce with care, cold-press vegetables and fruits individually, then marry juices together in small batches to create our recipes. While our process is slow, it gives life to great juice with natural variances to surprise your taste buds.

I want to get on the path to healthy living. Do you offer 1:1 sessions?

Yes! We have great partners that offer holistic health coaching. Contact us to find out more!

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

Juice is extracted using a special juice machine that removes all or most of the insoluble fiber. Smoothies are made using a blender that includes the insoluble fiber even though it’s a liquid-like consistency. Fiber is certainly a great thing to include in your diet through smoothies or salads and other raw foods.

However, it’s important to drink juice without the fiber to extend your body’s period of digestive rest. Juice allows our body to remain at digestive rest while still receiving the alive enzymes and nutrients from the vegetable. In periods of digestive rest, energy is diverted from the overload of digestion and directly towards healing and rejuvenation where needed.

Can I have protein added to my smoothie?
Yes. We use only plant-based protein powders in our smoothies. You will not find any synthetics or weird powders in our ingredient list. We offer clean smoothies that support a detox lifestyle.
Can I order my smoothie ahead? I'm in a hurry!
You bet. Call our retail juice bar with your order and we’ll have it ready when you arrive. Click here for locations to call.
What's an acai bowl?
Acai is a “super” berry native to South America and is powerfully rich in antioxidants. While small, this little berry offers a multitude of healing powers. Improved heart health, revitalized skin, improved energy and better digestion are just a few of the health benefits we receive from the acai. Our acai bowls are blended with frozen fruit and topped with fresh fruit and gluten-free granola. It’s power-packed with good health and irresistibly delicious!


Why should I consider a juice cleanse?

Juice Cleansing allows the body to naturally detox through digestive rest. Imagine a vacation for your overworked body. A break from the many safe poisons we consume and a return to nature’s remedy. During your cleanse your body will be flooded with alive enzymes and nutrients to restore good health, balance and natural vitality.

Over time our bodies accumulate excess toxins and may begin a slow shift toward ill health. Poor diet choices, substance abuse, environmental toxins and stress begin taking a toll on our overall health and vitality. If you’ve been overly tired and sluggish, feeling ill or unable to sleep, it may be the result of accumulated toxins in your body. Troubled skin, weight gain and a lack of energy may also be a signal of imbalances. These signals are alerts to our body that our health and vitality are compromised in some way.

Juice cleansing encourages the body’s natural detoxification process. By allowing your body to achieve digestive rest, energy is directed away from digestion and toward areas of the body that need restoration. Shedding old patterns and layers reveals a lighter, brighter and fresh new you.

Can I chew gum?

No. In fact, try ditching the habit. Chewing gum gets our digestive enzymes flowing, giving our body a signal that food is coming. It’s not.

Do I have to do all three days of my cleanse in consecutive order?

Yes. Remember our juices have an intentionally short shelf life of 72 hours. Each juice cleanse is pressed to order to ensure perfect timing. It’s super important when cleansing to drink cold-pressed, non-treated juices that are alive and full of nutrients and enzymes.

What time should I pick up my juice cleanse order?

Early! Remember your set pick-up day is Day #1 of your juice cleanse. We recommend cleansers come before 10am to begin your cleanse that day.

Can I do a juice cleanse while nursing or pregant?

Please check with your doctor before starting any juice cleanse.

How many calories are in my cleanse?

We don’t really like that word “calorie.” A calorie from a vegetable does not equal a calorie from a processed food as far as our bodies are concerned. However, since you asked, our cleanses have between 800 and 1200 calories per day.

I am on Day 1 of my cleanse and I am dying for some French fries (or insert other tempting food here).

Try your best to stay the course. Don’t worry. Your favorites will be waiting for you at the end of the cleanse. If you must chew something, try raw vegetables or vegetable broth if you want something warm. These choices will support the detoxification work of your cleanse.

Can I drink coffee or alchol?

We recommend giving your body a break from this safe poison during your cleanse. Try high-quality, herbal teas that support and enhance the body’s natural detoxification. If you haven’t tried Aether Tea, click here. You’ll be free of coffee and hooked! Drinking alcohol during a juice cleanse is a bad idea.

Can I get my juice cleanse delivered?

We offer juice cleanse delivery to customers in our Weekly Juice Program. You can pick up your pre-ordered cleanse at one of our juice bar locations or at one of our Pick-Up Partner locations. Click here for pick-up locations. Click here to learn more about our Weekly Juice Program.

Do my juices need to stay cold?

Yes. Remember they are alive and designed to decompose quickly when outside refrigeration. We recommend a cooler bag to transport your juices each day during your cleanse to protect the alive juice.

I have a gluten sensitivity. Can I do a cleanse?

Yes! Our juice bars and craft juice kitchens are vegan and gluten free.

Can I exercise while on the cleanse?

Yes. Moving your body is always a good idea. However, we recommend focusing on restorative exercise such as light yoga or brisk walks. Remember, your body is on vacation!

What other detoxification efforts do you recommend during a juice cleanse?

There are many things you can do support the body through detoxification. Remember the goal is for unwanted toxins to leave the body.

Here’s our recommendations:

  • Sweating: Far infrared sauna sessions are a great way to enhance the detoxification process, or just old-fashioned sweating through exercise and moving your body.
  • Tongue scraping: Simple, inexpensive and easy.
  • Dry brushing: Detox for the skin. Try incorporating this every day.
  • Himalayan salt bath: Relaxing way to end each cleanse day. Not just during your cleanse. Baths support toxin release while deep cleaning the skin. You’ll get hooked on this one!

The Weekly
Juice Program

What time will my juice order arrive?

Home deliveries arrive before 7 a.m. Office Deliveries before 9 am.

What if I want to drink more than just 1 juice a day?

No worry. Just double your order!

Do I need to keep my juice cold?

Yes! Our juices are alive! They are designed to decompose quickly outside refrigeration. Your Weekly Juice Order will arrive in a cooler bag with an ice pack each week. During the warm summer months we recommend leaving another cooler on your porch for us to place your delivery inside.

Can I pick my delivery days?

Not at this time. We have set delivery days by city.

What if I want to change my juice order?

No worry. Call our Weekly Juice order hotline: 859.550.3218.

What if I'm going on vacation?

Just call us. We will hold your order for the week.

How many juices do I drink in one day?

The Weekly Juice program is designed to provide one juice for you each day. For example, if your order arrives on Thursday you will have 1 juice for Thursday, 1 juice for Friday, and 1 juice for Saturday.

What is the shelf life of your juice?

Our juices have an intentionally short shelf life of 72 hours. We don’t cook (pasteurize), or pressurize (high-pressure processing) our juice. Our juices are living and designed to decompose quickly. The living enzymes and nutrients are necessary for our mental, spiritual and physical good health and longevity.

What if I want to stop my Weekly Juice Order to do a juice cleanse?

No worry! Call or email us. We’ll deliver your juice cleanse instead on your scheduled day. Your Weekly Juice order will resume following your cleanse.

What should I do with the glass bottles?

Rinse your glass bottles and place them in your cooler bag. Leave your bag and bottles on your porch for our delivery driver to pick up with your next delivery.

What if I forget to pick up my order?

No worry. Our Juice Guides will call you the afternoon of your pick-up day if you forget.

What are some
common questions
about USDA organic

How does “UDSA certified organic juice” differ from “organic juice”?

USDA certified organic juice requires that produce purchase logs be maintained and submitted for review upon inspection.  Juices bearing the USDA Certified Organic Seal are just that.  Certified 100% organic. When organic cucumbers aren’t available, they aren’t available.  No juices will be made with cucumbers.  USDA certified juice companies cannot make conventional substitutions.

However, “organic juice” with no USDA seal on bottle, may be made using organic produce.  “Organic juice” with no USDA seal, may not be made with organic produce.  There is no 3rd party regulating purchasing activities.  If organic cucumber isn’t available or convenient then non-certified juice companies may substitute conventional cucumber to continue making juice.

What does UDSA certified organic mean?

For farms this means produce is grown using USDA certified organic procedures and approved materials approved by the National Organic Standards Board in a transparent and open forum. No sewage sludge, irradiation, genetic engineering and most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides may not be used in fields or on plants.

For organic processors (us) this means we use 100% certified organic produce for our juices + outline, monitor and track a HCAAP plan in our juice extraction process.  Lastly our kitchen space must pass a rigorous inspection by a certifying agent.  Regulatory certification agencies inspect and verify compliance.  Fines and penalties are hefty upon discovered violations.

Ex:  If we fail to submit produce logs or have any conventional produce receipts we are in violation and fined.

What’s a little spray?

A lot actually.  49 insecticides and 40 fungicides are approved for us in conventional farming.  These sprays require the applicator (human) to wear personal protective equipment (bio-hazard) suit, and full face respirators are recommended.  These sprays cannot be washed off using tap water.   Never mind the systemic insecticides that are applied directly to the soil.  Let’s hope farmers using these sprays obey the “delay-to-harvest” interval but who knows.  Conventional farms are not monitored or inspected by an external regulatory agency. One thing we do know is that we can’t wash off insecticides inserted into the growing soil of the plant.

Does our juice contain 100% USDA Certified Organic Produce?

Yes.  Always.  No conventional substitutions.  Period.  Our produce purchase logs must be available to inspector from the USDA.

How long does USDA organic certification take?

Start to finish, including produce contracts for off-season, it will have taken us one year.  The organic market has known gaps in supply which requires multiple supply chain relationships and processes to adapt our juice production and recipes to accommodate these issues when certifying organic.

Ex:  We’ve have signed contracts to purchase produce exclusively from a USDA certified produce company during the non-growing season. We shift those contracts to local farms for those items that can be grown in volume in our local soil during the growing season (approximately May – October).  If our contracted organic terminal/supplier can’t find organic cucumbers in January, we need more sources.  We now have multiple certified organic suppliers to minimize inherent risk in the organic supply chain.

In addition to submitting our produce logs for inspection to verify organic produce was used in our juice, what other requirements are necessary to maintain USDA certification?

Our kitchen must pass organic inspection(s) and will be subject to periodic inspections afterward.  We were required to create a HACCP plan for our juice extraction process to maximize safety of our product which is intentionally unpasteurized.   USDA organic certification also requires our kitchen be maintained and operated under strict,  USDA standards to include approved cleaning supplies, cleaning processes, temperature controls, etc.

I thought we were already using organic produce?

We were.  We’ve been using organic produce since we started in 2012 for ingredients grown in the ground.   (romaine, kale, carrots, beets, cucumbers). We used organically grown fruits in season.    We also used conventionally grown fruits, ginger and turmeric as needed due to supply chain gaps and the extraordinary high prices of fruits during the off-season.    We will no longer make conventional substitutions and most importantly, will operate in open and transparent regulatory forum required by USDA inspections.

Why didn’t you have “organic” on your juice label if you were using organic ingredients before making the decision to certify organic?

It’s illegal per the guidelines set forth by the USDA.  Once we receive our final inspection from the USDA organic inspector we will put the official seal, as well as word “organic” on our labeling and other marketing materials.

Can you use the words “organic” on juice labels or in marketing without a USDA organic seal?

No.  It’s illegal as there is no regulatory inspection by the USDA for compliance.  These companies can use all the conventional produce they want with no consequences. There is no audit, or regulatory activity for this designation or labeling.   Juice drinkers are relying upon the ethics and integrity of the business owner to stick to those guidelines.  No inspection is required.  Enough said.

Some juice companies say they use local and organically grown produce when they can or when it’s convenient. Is that subject to inspections or regulatory activities?

No inspections required.  Enough said.  Simply “words” with no inspections or audits.  Organic produce is more expensive and comes with gaps in availability in this climate. There is nothing convenient or easy about certifying your product USDA organic.

How do you know if something is USDA certified organic?

Very simple.  Must bear USDA seal.

Why don’t our juices have the USDA organic seal today?

USDA organic certification is a lengthy, multi-step process of our kitchen, processes and produce.  We hired a USDA accredited certifying agent and entered the certification process.  We expect completion very soon.

Today we are using 100% certified organic produce with no conventional substitutions.  Today we are following all required procedures and protocols set forth by USDA organic inspections in our kitchen.  We are awaiting our final inspection before applying seal to our labels and marketing per legal terms of logo use set forth by USDA.

So your saying that any product or business selling or marketing their products as “organic” without the USDA seal is illegal and unregulated?

Yes, exactly.

Why are the juice prices increasing?

USDA organic certification requires 100% adherence to certified organic produce.  USDA organic certification requires juice HCAAP plans and Critical Control Checkpoints for every juice made.  Increased time, labor and produce cost require a price increase.  We are producing the highest quality of juice available.  This is the absolutely lowest cost to sustain the USDA regulations and inspections standards.

Are we still using any local farmers now that we are USDA certified organic?

Yes. We have growing contracts with the following USDA certified organic farms during the growing season in our region.  Any farms we contract with must also be USDA certified organic.  Click on the farm links to learn more about our growing partners.

Elmwood Stock Farm

Lazy Eight Stock Farm

Sustainable Harvest

What's a growing contract?

This means we’ve guaranteed these local farms we will purchase these items each week.  Not every now and then, or when we are short.  We actually shift our established purchase contracts to these farms.   That supports local USDA certified organic farmers in our region and establishes a local, wholesale market for these farmers.

Question not answered?

For any other questions, please call us at: 859.550.3218