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Fall back into good health

Season changes are a great time to shed old patterns, and reinforce healthy habits as rituals to be upheld in our daily life. If you’re like me, summer is a season of fun and loosening the reigns on my healthy habits to enjoy the laziness and long days the season offers. With the first chill to the air, I’m reminded to hit the “reset” button.

Imagine working your entire life every day and never taking a vacation. Working day in, day out, doing the job at hand. In this scenario, would the quality of your work remain the same? Would you be able to continue functioning at your best? Probably not. Rest and time off renews our mind, body and spirit.

Here’s a bit of bad news…our eating habits keep our digestive organs working in overdrive with little vacation time to heal and rest. Before our breakfast has been digested, we’re piling in lunch, followed by the afternoon snack, a few chips and dip after work, an extra large dinner, and the grand finale of ice cream or treats before bed – never mind our daily coffee, beer, wine, and soda to overwork our adrenals. Here begins toxicity, disease, premature aging and a loss of your get-up-and-go. Tired and sluggish becomes you.

Here’s the good news… juice cleansing allows your digestive system a much-needed vacation. A break from decades of demand and stress to digest the excess quantity, and poor quality of the foods we choose. During a juice cleanse our body experiences an extended period of digestive rest, or a vacation. During digestive reset, the oxidative stress in the body is lowered and the aging clock is slowed, or even reversed!

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“People don’t think enough about resting their organs during a fast. It’s the most anti-aging thing you can do.” – Natalia Rose

I’ve been a dedicated student of Natalia’s work for the past five years. I was fortunate to spend a week with her in New York City for her Advance Detox Training course in 2013. I can assure you her insight and teaching is something to be shared. If you are unsure about the physiological effects of cleansing work or want to learn more, I would recommend Detox for Women and Forever Beautiful by Natalia Rose. Both books are easy reads with great insight into the anti-aging effects of cleansing work.

Ready to take on a juice cleanse? We’re celebrating the return of the autumnal season by taking on a cleanse ourselves! Cleansing work is especially important this time of year. It’s important to be in your best shape before the Thanksgiving feasts and holiday cocktail parties begin tempting our resolve!

For more information about our juice cleanse offerings click HERE. Remember cleansing is not about losing weight fast… it’s about giving your digestive system a vacation. Periods of digestive rest restore natural energy and youthful vitality.

Here’s to a lighter, brighter, timeless you this fall season!

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