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The Juice Revival

Is a blog just called a blog? Or is there a word that poignantly exploits the interrelatedness of your passions shared through writing? I’m not sure of the answer, but the word revival kept coming up in my thoughts about compiling text and engaging other contributors so I’ll go with “revival” as the official name of our blog.

re·viv·al: noun: an improvement in the condition or strength of something.

I grew up in a small, rural town in Southern Kentucky. As a child I often attended church revivals with my grandparents. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve thought much about the word “revival” since then, but when I hear the word I think of passion, emotion and life. Our passion is all things natural and good health. Our goal is to keep things simple, short and informative about all revival of juices, plants, herbs, and other holistic practices that support good health, longevity and elevation.

Excitement is afoot in our office. The past three years have revealed a crazy momentum of energy and life into the “juicing” industry that has our juice presses moving nonstop and fresh produce overflowing from every cooler every day to keep up.

Gone are the days of 2011 when our only “regular” customers were an adventurous bunch of my friends that I bribed, coerced or begged to drink my green and beet potions from a bottle. Fast forward to 2015 and the story has changed. People I don’t know are customers. People young and old visit our juice bars each day and often know exactly what juice they want from our coolers.

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Over the past few years the juice business has been the lucky recipient of media sensationalism and propaganda supreme. Green juice has become the “thing” to detox your life and make you a superstar. This awareness of green juice and it’s “superstar” power is the beginning of a deeper awareness and knowledge transfer needed to reveal the true healing forces of cold press juices. A juice revival.

In other words, all juices are not equal. Powerful juice as a healing force requires thoughtful preparation, high quality ingredients and proper technique.  It must be alive.

Here’s my list to promote the revival of juice as a healing life force. Use it as your checklist when buying juice to make sure you’re getting the superstar power.

  1. Raw and alive. This means no pasteurization (heat) and no other treatment to extend the shelf life. HPP, or High Pressure Processing is another form of treatment to extend the shelf life. Both these treatments render the juices nutritionally dead. Check your juice bottle carefully and avoid HPP or pasteurized juices.
  2. Cold pressed. Cold pressing protects the vegetable enzymes during juice extraction by minimizing the heat and air that results in premature oxidation.
  3. Prepared thoughtfully. Juice extraction and preparation is an art. Vegetables and fruits should be pressed individually then married into thoughtful combinations in small batches. Each batch should be tasted and adjusted as needed.
  4. Made with mostly vegetables. Little to no fruit. Juices with fruit can provide an entry point into juice drinking, however the goal for all juice drinkers should be to progress to vegetable only juices. When purchasing juice be sure the ingredients are listed in order of predominance on the menu or label.
  5. Made with local, certified organic produce. We’ve been using organic and local produce from the beginning and will be certifying with the USDA 2016.

Here’s to the revival of juices, plants, herbs, oils, tonics and tinctures as powerful agents for longevity, natural beauty and good health!

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