Hey Cincinnati Juice Drinkers!!! We have a big change in our Cincy store. Starting today we are only selling our juices via pre-order in our Weekly Juice Program. Why? Because USDA organic certification is the most important thing to us. You know our juice is best and there is a good reason for that.


Join Our Weekly Juice Program!

Q:  Why are we moving away from selling juices out of our retail cooler?

A:  Because the Ohio Dept of Ag does not want us to make our juices in our USDA Certified Organic kitchen in Louisville.


Q:  Why don’t you just make your juice in Hyde Park store and make them happy?

A:  Because we are Certified Organic by the USDA.  This requires that we use 100% of USDA organically grown produce and that our juices be made in a USDA certified organic kitchen.  It can be one or the other.  Must be both.  Our USDA certified kitchen happens to be located in Louisville. It’s been inspected and passed all the state, local and the USDA organic inspections with no infractions and a perfect score.  


Q:  Does the USDA care if you move your juices to your stores even in Cincinnati after pressed in Louisville kitchen?  

A:  Nope! They could care less.  They care about making sure we are following all the kitchen protocols and critical control points they identified during our USDA inspection.  There are 16 by the way.  And we just passed the re-certification with flying colors.  The Kentucky State and Local Health inspectors don’t care either.  And even better, The FDA doesn’t care either.   Just Ohio.  Seems fishy to us.


Q:  Is the Weekly Juicery the only USDA Certified Organic Juice Company in Ohio?  

A:  Yep.  The only one.  In fact, the only one until you get to Detroit.  There visit a company called Drought.  They make excellent certified organic juice.


Q: But wait, other juice companies around here say they are organic.  What’s up?

A: Well, they are doing so illegally.  You cannot use the word “organic” as related to your product unless you are USDA Certified Organic and have passed their rigorous inspection.  I hope they don’t get caught because the USDA owns the word organic and the fines for infringing on their trademark of that word are $10,000 per occurrence.


Q:  Is there any risk to our customers for us to make our juice in our Louisville USDA certified organic kitchen and bring it to Cincinnati?  

A:  Absolutely not.  In fact, it’s likely safer due to to the strict organic critical control points required and monitored by the USDA.  By the way, the juices are transported safely via refrigerated transport every night after bottling.  


Q:  Why is USDA Organic Certification important?

A:  Because otherwise the juices are filled with harmful pesticides, systemic insecticides that are risky in the quantities found in juice.  Equally important…the plants lose their power to heal and restore when structurally altered by chemicals.  Gross. Gross. Gross.  I challenge you to find a healing center using juices as healing therapies for modern diseases that don’t require that the juices be organic.  You won’t find one.

Q:  How does joining The Weekly Juice Program benefit me?

A:  Three ways:

  1. This is the ONLY way you can get juice anywhere in Ohio that’s guaranteed USDA Certified Organic by the USDA, raw (not treated for shelf stability), and vegetable centric
  2. The juice is less expensive
  3. We will custom press your order just for you and it will be ready for you within 3 to 4 hours of coming off our presses.  We can deliver to your doorstep or you can pick up here in our store.

Q:  How much cheaper?

A:  The pre-ordered juices are between $1 and $3 dollars cheaper than juices sold in our retail coolers.

Q:  Can I cancel at any time?

A:  Of course.  There are no penalties associated with holding or canceling your order.

Q:  Can I change the juices in my order?

A:  Of course. Anytime. It’s easy.  Our Juice Concierge is ready to help you 7AM – 7PM every day.

Added Bonus:

Now through March 1st if you pre-order juice through our Weekly Juice program you will receive a FREE superfood smoothie each time you pick up your juice order!  

Q:  More Q’s?  

A:  We’ve got A’s all day.  Email us at opr call our Juice Concierge at 859.550.3218

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