Sip Aether to De-Tox and De-Stress

If you haven’t tried our favorite herbal tea, you need to get on board!  Aether Tea is a completely natural, all organic product that has been carefully formulated and blended by a master herbalist. It is handcrafted with blends of beneficial ingredients and without any added flavors, scents, colors, or sweeteners.  Need another reason to try it out?  This woman-owned business is run by our friend Kelli Corney locally in Louisville, Kentucky.

For those of you looking to extend your daily detox practices or to replace your coffee habit, look no further.  The De-Tox blend contains a minimal amount of caffeine from the oolong but it is low enough that it shouldn’t irritate caffeine-sensitive bodies.  What we love about drinking Aether tea is that it promotes alkalinity within the body and replaces the acidity that you get from coffee.  Not to mention it is filled with high-quality nutritious ingredients.  We love using the De-Stress at night to promote restful sleep and calm the body!

De-Tox Tea

Aether De-Tox Tea will detoxify your body at the beginning of your day with the support of organic dandelion and nettle leaves which aid with liver and kidney function to flush out impurities and also increases metabolism. High mountain oolong tea has been proven to decrease body weight and body fat, making it a natural, healthy way to help decrease waist size. If you’re worried about crashing without your daily cup of Joe, fear not. Oolong tea has high levels of L-theanine which increases energy without causing caffeine jitters. This tea also contains super foods such as lemongrass, goji berries, and ginger which boost the immune system and aid in digestion. With all of its amazing qualities, Aether tea will soon become a morning habit that you never want to break.

De-Stress Tea

We all live busy and stressful lives to some extent; the Aether De-Stress tea will help calm and soothe the body as well as prepare it for an unwinding sleep. Organic basil will calm a busy mind as gynostemma, often called a “miracle grass” balances the body, relieves anxiousness, and promotes deep sleep. Lavender and chamomile, two well-known relaxation and calming agents, work their magic as well. Lemon grass and lemon balm continues to support digestion throughout the night. Rose hips and rose petals illuminate your skin and protect it from damage and aging from the sun. De-Stress at the end of another long day with a tea that will ease your body and mind.

Ready to detox and de-stress?  Pick up a package of Aether tea from your local retail store or learn more about Aether HERE.

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